TIPI Member Assembly 2017


Wednesday, 08 November 2017
6:15 – 7:45 PM (immediately after the  TIPI Pre-Conference)


Constitution Club of India
Rafi Marg, Behind Reserve Bank of India
New Delhi, 110001


Preliminary Agenda

1.    Welcome
TIPI Vice-President Dr Brian Baker
2.    Technicalities:
   a.    Appointment moderator and minute keeper
   b.    Final agenda, amendments
3.    Change of statutes
4.    Report Council 2014 – 2017
  a.    Vice-President Dr Brian Baker
  b.    Scientific Secretary Mr Christian Andres
  c.    Exoneration of the Council 2014 – 2017
5.    Election new Council 2017 – 2020
  a.    Explanation election procedure
  b.    Short presentation of candidates
  c.    Elections
  d.    Ballot counting and announcement of results
  e.    Short constitutive meeting new Council members
  f.    Presentation new Council, executive Council and President
6.    Outlook
  a.    Implications TIPI (Council) membership
  b.    How to move towards more impact
  7.    Miscellaneous
8.    Closure

Background Agenda Point TIPI Statutes

Change of TIPI statutes

The current version has been revised and consolidated several times by the current TIPI Council. However, should you still have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please send them to christian.andres@fibl.org before end of July 2017.

A major change is, that from now on all IFOAM affiliates (associates, supporters and members) have full voting rights in TIPI.

Background election of new TIPI Council

We invite your application (self-nomination) in case you are interested to become an active member of the TIPI Council. Please submit a short introduction (not longer than 300 words) stating your background and motivation for your application, as well an updated CV (not longer than 2 pages) to christian.andres@fibl.org.

Who is eligbale to vote?

Please note that only Full TIPI Members (organizations and individuals who are also affiliates of IFOAM – Organics International) may  vote.

Each Full TIPI Member has one vote. Votes by written proxy are permitted, but restricted to a total of five votes per person.

If you or your organization are not affiliates of IFOAM – Organics International already, you may apply on the IFOAM.bio website  to become an affiliate http://www.ifoam.bio/en/get-involved/become-affiliate.