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Technology Platform Organics (TP Organics)
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European Technology Platform for Organic Food and Farming Research (TP Organics)

TP Organics is the Technology Platform (TP) for organic food and farming research. It integrates views of the organic sector and civil society to represent a broad perspective on research and development priorities that can leverage organic food and farming’s potential to address contemporary challenges. As other European Technology Platforms (ETP) TP Organics plays a key role in highlighting where the focus of research and development funding should be placed.

The European Union's and global agriculture face major challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity, food security and depopulation of rural areas. The research Technology Platform "Organics", which was launched on the 2nd December 2008 outlines in its first major publication - the Organic Research Vision 2025 - the numerous ways in which organic food production can significantly contribute to solving these problems.

In the Strategic Research Agenda published early 2010, three strategic themes with the objective of research supporting the development of the organic industry are presented in detail: 1) strengthening rural regions; 2) increasing organic food production to ensure food security and to ensure a stable eco-system; and 3) improving food production and quality with the aim of achieving healthy nutrition.