European Network of Organic Agriculture Teachers (ENOAT)

The European Network of Organic Agriculture University Teachers (ENOAT) is a network of university teachers with the goals to coordinate courses on organic production, processing and marketing, and to facilitate the exchange of students and teachers.

Specific objectives include:

1. To promote international collaboration among university teachers and students of organic agriculture and prepare the students for teamwork across EU and pre-accession countries;

2. To discuss and coordinate curricula and courses in organic agriculture with EU partners and representatives from pre-accession countries that currently do not have university programs in organic agriculture;

3. To improve teaching quality in the subject of organic or ecological agriculture in EU member states and support university teachers in pre-accession states to enhance their knowledge of and teaching capacities in organic agriculture;

4. To get first-hand knowledge of organic agricultural practices in various member and pre-accession states through annual meetings and summer courses rotating among network partners;

5. To develop course materials for teaching principles of organic agriculture.