Finland: Researcher-stakeholder co-operation

In 2013, a new project (LUTUNE) was started in Finland, to deepen the co-operation between researchers and advisors of organic farming.


The activities are coordinated by MTT Agrifood Finland and ProAgria services for organic production. The focus is on: 

1) researcher-advisor working groups,

2) international co-operation,

3) dissemination of research results into practise and

4) developent of new ideas and models for more productive organic production.

Three thematic groups were established: ruminants, monogastrics and plant production, which is further divided into weed management, protein feed and fodder, nutrient management and environmental impact.

Firstly, the lack of information in production practices was defined in group discussions. After that, researchers figured out which information was already available and just needed to be brought out at informative way. The information which really needs new research is considered to be included in new research projects. At the moment literature study of the environmental effects of green manuring, tables of good seed mixtures for legume-based perennial leys and legume-cereal feed and forage are produced. Inquiry and field test are done for couch grass management. Farm trials are done for legume-cereal mixtures and pastures.

(Text: Liisa Voutila, Ph.D. Principal Research Scientist, MTT Animal Production Research)


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Director of Development
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