Call for abstracts: Multicriteria assessment and communication of effects of organic food systems

The international conference "Multicriteria assessment and communication of effects of organic food systems" will take place at Aarhus University, Denmark, November, 25&26, 2013. Abstracts can be submitted by August 1, 2013.

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The goal of the interdisciplinary MultiTrust project ( has been to analyze and test how new methods of multicriteria assessment can help document and communicate balanced overall assessments of effects of organic food systems on society and nature. The multifaceted research conducted within the framework of the project has been carried out with a view to support integrated development, open and credible communication, and long term growth of the organic production.

During the life-time of the project (2011-2013), MultiTrust has carried out interdisciplinary analyses of existing methods for multicriteria assessment and communication; established a framework for how to develop such methods for organic food systems and related them to the organic principles. Furthermore it has tested prototypes in practice.

This conference’s research agenda dedicated to two issues: First of all to present the wide variety of findings stemming from the project; secondly to open up an informed dialogue with interested scholars from around the world with regards to the possibilities and the pitfalls, the promises and the problems of multicriteria assessment of organic food systems.

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