Third newsletter from the SOLID project now online

The third newsletter from the SOLID project (Sustainable Organic and Low-Input Dairying) was recently issued. With two years completed of this five-year project, many results are being generated on key issues in organic and low input dairy systems. SOLID is a European project on Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying, financed by the European Union. The project runs from 2011-2016. 25 partners from 10 European countries participate in the project


The third project newsletter highlights two main areas of activity (1) environmental and (2) socio-economic aspects of dairy systems.

It is noted that preserving biodiversity is very important but it is less clear what effect food production has on biodiversity. Studies based on data from three European countries, have developed an approach to calculate the overall biodiversity loss of a dairy system and are investigating how biodiversity may
be factored into life cycle assessment.

Further research examined innovations in organic and low input dairy chains, which were considered to be appropriate and useful by stakeholders across supply chains from consumers, producers, processors and retailers. The research conducted across four EU countries (Belgium, Finland, Italy and UK) seeked input on the acceptability of a range of innovations such as feeding strategies, breeds, supply chain management. Such research is vital to help
us understand the potential application of new innovati ons across stakeholders in dairy supply chains and also helps to identify other areas which may be of assistance in improving dairy production chains.

In addition, the newsletter features two of our SME partners, Juvan Luomu Ltd, an organic milk producer in Finland and the Institute of Organic Advice and Training in the UK (IOTA).

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