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Journal Organic Agriculture: New articles online

Organic Agriculture is the official journal of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research. Articles of volume 2 are now available as before print publications.

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The next issue of Organic Agriculture is due to come out in September 2012. The first articles are now available online at the journal's website.

  • Economic evaluation of longevity in organic dairy cows
    M. Horn, W. Knaus, L. Kirner und A. Steinwidder
    Online First™, 31 August 2012
  • Influence of biologically enhanced organic production on antioxidant and sensory qualities of (Malus x domestica Borkh. cv Braeburn) apples
    Jana Bogs, Marisa Bunning und Cecil Stushnoff
    Online First™, 30 August 2012
  • The effects of different biological control agents (BCAs) and plant defence elicitors on cucumber powdery mildew (Podosphaera xanthii)
    Charilaos Giotis, Emilia Markellou, Aphroditi Theodoropoulou, George Kostoulas und Stephen Wilcockson, et al.
    Online First™, 28 August 2012
  • Farmers’ reasons for deregistering from organic farming
    Matthias Koesling, Anne-Kristin Løes, Ola Flaten, Niels Heine Kristensen und Mette Weinreich Hansen
    Online First™, 28 August 2012
  • Optimizing lentil-based mixed cropping with different companion crops and plant densities in terms of crop yield and weed control
    Lina Wang, Sabine Gruber und Wilhelm Claupein
    Online First™, 18 August 2012

Organic Agriculture was started in 2011; four issues were published in that year. The first issue of 2012 came out in March and includes the following papers:

  • Soil microbial dynamics in organic (biodynamic) and integrated apple orchards
    B. P. Bougnom, B. Greber, I. H. Franke-Whittle, C. Casera and H. Insam
  • Phytanic acid content and SRR/RRR diastereomer ratio in milk from organic and conventional farms at low and high level of fodder input
    Ton Baars, Markus Schröder, Daniel Kusche and Walter Vetter
    Weed management in organic cereals: advances and opportunities
    L. N. Kolb and E. R. Gallandt
  • The use of Italian ryegrass silage in a low input dairy cow feeding system in Austrian organic agriculture
    Lisa Baldinger, Werner Zollitsch and Wilhelm F. Knaus
  • The World Trade Organization and organic food trade: potential for restricting protectionism
    Carsten Daugbjerg
  • Veterinarians’ and agricultural advisors’ perception of calf health and welfare in organic dairy production in Norway
    Kristian Ellingsen, C. M. Mejdell, B. Hansen, A. M. Grøndahl and B. I. F Henriksen, et al.

The journal Organic Agriculture offers a mixture of original refereed research papers covering developments in sustainable agriculture and food systems often with an inter- or trans-disciplinary perspective. The journal also includes invited critical reviews on topical issues, and overviews of the status of organic agriculture in particular regions/countries. Organic Agriculture is the official journal of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research. ISOFAR was launched in 2003 and seeks to promote, encourage and support research in all areas of organic farming by facilitating global co-operation in research, methodological development, education and knowledge exchange.

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