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Video from the TP Organics workshop: Revising the European Strategic Research Agenda for Organic Food and Farming

At BIOFACH 2014, the European Technology Platform TP Organics started the revision process of its Strategic Research Agenda.

Cover TP Organic video from Science Day 2014


More than 70 actors from the organic sector discussed research priorities for Organic Food and Farming in Europe. In the video, TP Organics Strategic Relations Manager Eduardo Cuoco explains why the research agenda from 2009 needs to be updated: "The new agenda has to be in line with the new research policies and the framework programme Horizon 2020".

Hans-Jörg Lutzeyer from DG Research and Innovation emphasizes the role of TP Organics delivering a consolidated research agenda to the European Commission.

Given the organic sectors' long tradition of collaboration across disciplines and between researchers and producers, its research community should feel mobilized to apply for "multi-actor projects" within the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) and Horizon 2020, he says. The revised research agenda is expected for mid 2015.

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