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Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems – FertilCrop

Funding: CORE Organic Plus Funding Bodies, being partners of the FP7 ERA-Net project CORE Organic Plus.

Project coordinator: Dr. Andreas Fliessbach, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Switzerland

Deputy coordinator: Dr. Jørgen Olesen, Department of Agroecology - Climate and Wate, Aarhus University, Tjele, Denmark

Duration: 2015–2017


Fertilcrop stakeholder meeting in March 2016

On March 14, 2016, the Italian partners of the project "Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems" (FertilCrop) organized the first stakeholder meeting.

Fertilcrop field day in Pisa. Photo: Daniele Antichi


CiRAA, SSSA and DISPAA, the three Italian partners of Fertilcrop, organized the first stakeholder meeting in Italy. It was held at 14-03-2016.

The project was presented to a plenum of about 30 invited people (farmers, advisors and students), and the preliminary results of the survey on organic farmers perception of soil quality (work package 3) were then illustrated and discussed.

The organizers took also the chance to show the attendees how to implement practical soil assessment (e.g. by spade test or other tools tested in work package 3 such as the tea bags, the pitfall traps and the mat-traps) in their own fields.

The participants were very much fascinated by the spade test and some organic growers invited the researchers to test these tools also in their own farms in order to improve their knowledge of the methodology and test different soil management options their are interested about.

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Daniele Antichi, PhD
Ricercatore a tempo determinato - Fixed-term research assistant
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari ed Agro-Ambientali (DISAAA-a) - Università di Pisa
Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (DAFE) - University of Pisa


The project "Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems" is one of the projects initiated in the framework of the ERA-Net project CORE Organic Plus  (